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LOUD Summit
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About Us

Welcome to LOUD! We are a movement that started with ONE prayer for ONE purpose.

We exist to engage, empower and equip Millennials and Gen Z to change the world and be a light of hope.


Jesus walked among us. He ate with us. Talked with us. Laughed with us. Empatized with us. We have a Savior who took the time to know us and give us the greatest purpose. He called us to be His hands and feet and give this world a glimpse at His incredible love.


Millennials and Gen Z want to live out their faith. They want do make a difference and leave a legacy.


They want to #bethechurch because Jesus showed them how to #bethechange.


LOUD Summit has a heart for THIS generation, because we are PART of this generation!


If you’re looking for a community that’s desperate to live life with purpose, then join us – step out in faith and join the movement.
We are a culture driven by our love for people! We believe that LOVE is a verb and Jesus has called us to love this generation through our actions. We live out our faith through partnering with social justice organizations, serving the homeless, raising money for orphanages and be the hands and feet of Christ to those that are in our community.
We are a culture that believes that all are called to a greater purpose!  We provide opportunities for those in their 20s and 30s to grow in their purpose, learn from high-level leaders and place their dreams into reality. LOUD Workshops offer top-level training and bring millennials and generation z to the next level of leadership.
We are a culture of passion! We’re not fearful of this world, but passionate about giving this world a glimpse of Jesus. We believe that Christians are called to #bethechurch and not just attend service. We believe that God has called us for this time and given us a passion to reach out generation.
We are a culture of prayer! We believe that we serve a God who has called us to be light in this world and be a generation of hope. Therefore, we run towards the skeptic and welcome them with open arms. LOUD Summit is a place that is simply about the love and grace of Jesus Christ.
Meet Our Team

Colleen Batchelder
Founder and President
J. Caleb Perkins
Board Member
Alexandria Beightol
Board Member
Dr. Drew Moser
Board Member
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*501c3 Public Charity Status

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