• Don't be a Sell Out
February 20, 2017
Often in my own life, I sell out my faith. It’s hard to admit this; especially, as someone who’s full-time occupation revolves around his faith in God – but it’s true. In the culture we live in today its harder and harder for me to be honest, and to stand firm in the midst of
  • couple holding hands and being romantic
The LOUD Team wants to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and remind each and everyone of you that your worth is in Christ, your value is beyond compare and your purpose is to make a difference in this world! Enjoy these inspirational images! Share the love and share your purpose with those around you!
  • Feet on the floor of the bus
There’s always that one person – you know the type. We smile – pasting on a thick grin and praying that they don’t see through the facade. We step into the church gleaming our “Jesus” personality and then rush towards the coffee section; glaring down children who dare to steal the last donut. “Don’t they