A Remnant Collected

A remnant collected is a group of ten worshippers that have come together from various backgrounds to teach a generation true and honest worship. Our team started in 2012 while serving together at our local youth group leading worship. It wasn’t long before god began tugging at our hearts to go out and do more with this gift he has given us. Since then we have been coming together to pray, worship, and write music. God has placed a unique perspective in each of our hearts, which makes the collaborative effort even more special. Our prayer is that no matter who you are, as we share our music and you hear both our individual and group testimonies, that you will be able to find peace, hope and freedom.

Our mission as a team is to teach a generation pure and honest worship. We believe worship should span across all aspects of our lives and not just exist in our music. Worship is a lifestyle and it should be shown in everything from our day to day tasks and hobbies, through to how we love other people. Although as a team we use our musical abilities to worship our king, we hope to go wherever god calls us and help teach people how to use their gifts as an offering of worship. We pray that through the various testimonies on this team we are able to encourage and spark a fire in anyone we meet in order to get them excited about giving their giftings and talents back to the one who gave it to them in the first place.