Blake Bennett

Blake Bennett is a 26 year-old church planter from Jacksonville, FL. As a 5th generation pastor, he personally felt called to church leadership at the age of 12.


Preaching since a young age,
Blake has been a frequent event speaker and has led mission trips all over the world.Click To Tweet


When asked about his favorite ministry moment Blake is quick to answer with a personal story of an Incan descendent living in the Andes Mountains of Peru.


“I asked if she had ever heard of Jesus,” says Blake. “To my amazement she had ZERO idea who Jesus was.”


The moment was powerful to me – but how many millions of people around the world are still waiting to hear about Jesus for the first time?
Who will stand up for them? Who will go?Click To Tweet


Later, while leading a mission trip south of Tijuana, Mexico – Blake read,

Matthew 5:14, “You are the light of the world, like a city on a hill for all to see.”

This would be the beginning of the vision that would lead to the planting of in September 2015. Blake believes Millennials have the capacity to hand off to the next generation a world better than the world they inherited.


“Our capacity is unlimited”, says Blake.

Blake’s prayer for LOUD is to encourage and inspire a generation of leaders to stand for grace and truth and carry God’s light into dark places.

“All the easy places are taken. We have to be courageous with our leadership – the time is now to live life with a vision that will outlast you.”

– Blake Bennett