If you were to take a survey of our generation, and ask the question “What is the biggest social struggle?” One response would be comparison.   Sure, comparison isn’t something new. Comparison is something that has been around since the beginning of time. But the issue with comparison is that often times it will lead
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HipHop is PaulKrost’s language – his music presents his soul on paper – each lyric speaks a prayer for this world – a challenge to each of us to rise up and walk out God’s plan for our lives. Sit back and enjoy this read! I know you will be blessed, encouraged and compiled to
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We all have a story – we all have a life that beats for the sake of bringing others hope. PaulKrost lives out a story that encourages, challenges and empowers his audience. It was truly an honor to hear his heart for this generation and listen to his story.   You say in your video
  • Don't be a Sell Out
February 20, 2017
Often in my own life, I sell out my faith. It’s hard to admit this; especially, as someone who’s full-time occupation revolves around his faith in God – but it’s true. In the culture we live in today its harder and harder for me to be honest, and to stand firm in the midst of