Chris Burkmenn

Standing at just less than 6 feet tall, Chris Burkmenn demonstrates the ideals of the 20-something generation. Optimism glints in his eyes as he thinks about the future of the Chris Burkmenn Experience, or The CBEX. Burkmenn calls St. Louis home – the place where he achieved his Accelerated Computer Specialist graduate degree in just 10 months from College in 2006. Chris feels that music connects to him at a deep level. “I can feel empowered, sad, happy, mad and even love,” he said. That helps explain his passion for musical talent that is a basis for his webisodes titled The CBEX.


Burkmenn hopes that The CBEX will one day reach network attention, because “I feel that there is just such a place for it.” Chris Burkmenn is turning his dream into a reality. He distinctly remembers being young and listening to Hall & Oats in his dad’s “beat up, old truck” and singing with him at the “top of our lungs.” Not to mention, he grew up playing Carson Daly, a former host of the TV show “TRL” in the mirror.


Faith became a vital part of his life shortly after the age 18, and since committing his life to his “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” he could not be happier. Chris moved to Nashville so he could pursue his vision of hosting a show. The opportunity was presented by Audience Company Nashville, where he works. The CBEX got its start from within the Aud Co. Nashville family with help from Suzzane Skinner (Mama Sue) and coworker Misty. A year later, it still holds true to the original value. “We are creating an experience with The CBEX in so many different ways including an interview and using all social media,” he said. Burkmenn received training at The Actor’s School Nashville as well as Image & Career with Skinner. Chris was the production administrator at Every Nation Ministries and also interned at George P Johnson Marketing. He has remained a youth leader at the Oasis Church. He has proudly worked on a range of sets including: various CMT productions, Tim McGraw’s music video “Southern Voice” and the film Country Strong starring Tim McGraw and Gwyneth Paltrow.

“The death of a dream, is the day you stop believing in the work it takes to get there.”

– Chris Burkmenn