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LOUD Summit

is a movement and collaboration of ideas, perspectives and performances that display the diverse voice and calling of this generation. It is a conference that invites the skepticprogressive and conservative to connect with Christ and fellow World-Changers from around the country who are making a difference!


What does it look like to Live Out Your Destiny?

We strive to create an atmosphere where Christianity is seen through the hands and feet of culture.

We belive that Christianity is more than Sunday attendance and encourage Millennials to serve others.

Ministry is a response to reality. We belive that influnece starts when we listen and learn from one another.

Our purpose is to create a space where Millennials can question and recieve resepectful dialogue.

We strive to create a platform where the progressive, conservative and skeptic can pull up a chair and seek Christ.

Our goal is to engage with various voices from across the globe and collaborate together in order to enact change.


What is the Audience Age for LOUD Summit?

LOUD Summit is a Millennial Conference geared towards those who are 18-30s.

Can I purchase the ticket as a gift for someone?

Absolutely! There’s nothing better than giving someone an amazing experience for a gift. You can purchase the ticket using your information and card number, but you must put the recipient’s name on the registration form.

Do you offer discounts for college students or military?

At this time, we do not offer any discounts. However, we do have an early registration rate that is quite reasonable.

Do you offer internships?

Great question! We do not offer internships for LOUD Summit at this time, but we plan to offer a limited number of internship positions for LOUD Summit 2018.

Can I donate to Run Anyway even if I don't participate in the Glo Run?

Definitely! We are thrilled to partner with Run Anyway this year and put “feet to our faith” by raising money for children in Guatemala! You’ll have the opportunity to purchase RunAnyway merchendise, make a donation and talk with the founder of Run Anyway about partnering with them for future fundraising events.

Refund Policy?

Refund policy: $50.00 per person of the registration fee is non-refundable/non-transferable and will be held by Tuscarora in the event of registration cancellation.

Nearby International Airports

Great question! We have a few people come from around the world!
1. ABE – Lehigh Valley International Airport
2. EWR – Newark Liberty International Airport
We Can't Wait to Hear from YOU