Our Prayer

We want Jesus – simply Jesus! We want to look like you and love others like you. God, compel our hearts and convict our hearts, The time is now! We’re ready to stand. Speak through us and rebuild our brokenness. Amaze us. Surprise us. Use us to make a difference. We want to be men and women gathered for your glory. God, allow us to know your heartbeat.

“The true measure of a gift is what you gave up to give it. Big dreams often start with small acts of kindness. It’s powerful when we’re on the receiving end, but it’s even more powerful when we’re on the giving end. The ripple effect of kindness never ends. The same is true of love and grace and courage. Give it a generation or two or eighteen, and it might just change the course of history.”

– Mark Batterson

LOUD Summit Team

Colleen Batchelder

Founder & Visionary

Picture of Brian Preiser contributor to LOUD blogs

Brian Prieser

Board Member

J. Caleb Perkins

Board Member

Jared Fluck

Founder & Visionary

Tish Mathis

Graphic Designer

Tish Mathis

Sales Concierge

Bethany Hope

Social Media Dir.