Diagnosed  with  sickle  cell  as  an  infant,  Paulkrost  has  faced  numerous  health  scares, and near death experiences. This led to Paul’s desire to leave a lasting impact on the world,  especially  for  those  in  need.


Unfortunately,  like  many  young  boys  growing  up in a fatherless household in the inner city, he had to deal with the lures of ‘street life’ that  was  often  glamorized  by  hip-hop  culture.  This  caused  Paulkrost  to begin his  own journey as a hip-hop artist as early as grade school. By middle school he had begun his career, making music with a small label in New York City. This, however, conflicted with his growing convictions about life and faith.


Throughout high school,  Paulkrost  struggled  with  the  implications  of  his  belief  in Jesus Christ. This struggle continued until junior year when he faced yet another near death experience when he decided  to  completely  commit  to  following  Jesus.  This meant giving up a  once  embraced  wild  lifestyle  and beginning to allow his  music to reflect his inward values.   Values uncommon to   mainstream hip-hop, such as respecting women, encouraging education, and embracing non-violence.


With the release of his debut  project Castles and Clouds,  Paulkrost has a growing international fan base.


Reaching a distribution deal with VMG/Sony Music, Paulkrost plans to re-release his debut  project with hopes of charting  on

Paul continues to work towards accomplishing his dream of  making a lasting impact by creating and performing his original music.

“My generation is tired of being (shocked) by the brokenness of our world. Even more, we’re tired of mass media trying to convince us that we’re powerless to do anything about it. Rebellion is needed and we are not powerless. We will be the difference. We will rebel… and this song is our anthem”

– Paulkrost (REBELLION)