“The dropout problem touches countless students, parents, and faith leaders, but many of these have only a vague grasp of what, exactly, the dropout phenomenon is. The first step in the discovery process is to understand two simple facts: Teenagers are some of the most religiously active Americans. American twentysomethings are the least religiously active.”

  • – David Kinnaman, author of unChristian & You Lost Me

Bring A LOUD EVENT to your city

Many Millennials and Gen Z will never enter the doors of a church, but they will enter the doors of a conference.

What Makes Us Distinct?

We believe that the body of Christ is diverse and distinct. You will always find commonality and resonance with our speakers, musicians, volunteers and team. We challenge Millennials/Gen Z to live out their destiny, because we present to them men and women who are relevant, real, authentic and purposed to walk with them towards a deeper relationship with Christ. 

Great Options
We believe that Millennials/Gen Z are looking for ways to connect and reach that next level of leadership, which is why YOU are so important to their journey.
We offer sponsors the opportunity to reach our audience through a variety of ways:


  1. Social Media
  2. Banner Ads
  3. Exhibit Tables
  4. Breakout Sessions
  5. Mainstage 5-Min Ad
  6. Individually Customized Ads/Promo Opportunities

Social Justice
We believe that faith and love are verbs.


Attendees raised OVER $700 at our VERY FIRST Summit and donated the funds to a Guatemala Orphanage.


Millennials/Gen Z want to feel like they’re a part of something – a part of something bigger than themselves. This is why we believe that it is imperative that LOUD Summit give these generations opportunities to make a difference. This occurs through providing programs that give them the opprtunity to raise funds, raise awareness and raise their compassion to the next level.


We believe that God has called us to make an impact.
Today’s generation sees ministry as more than Sunday service– it’s globalized in influence. This is why we have a diverse array of callings, backgrounds, races, denominations and political stances represented at LOUD events. We showcase dynamic Millennial/Gen Z leaders who are making a difference in their communities, churches and the world.


Every summit is represented by men and women equally. We strive to present summits and workshops that highlight the heart of God and present powerful talks by leaders who are single, married, widowed, divorced or parents. Our goal is to present Jesus – in our mess, in our journey and in our lives.

Vision beyond your resources? Don’t let fear dictate your decisions. If your vision is God-given, it will most definitely be beyond your ability and beyond your resources. The God who gives the vision is the same God who makes provision.

  • – Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor and Bestselling Author


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