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What are our Submission Guidelines?


LOUD covers faith, culture, social justice, leadership and engages the progressive, conservative and skeptic. It dares to step out of the sanctuary and present the voice of thousands of millennials.


Our readership is culturally savvy and diversified. Each article is tailored to Christian/searching millennials, aged 18-30s who are looking for purpose, identity, intellectual insight and spiritual depth.


Our mission is to engage, equip and empower this generation to Live Out Their Destiny – boldly and purposefully. Our goal is to highlight millennial leaders who are making a difference and being the hands and feet of Christ in creative and innovative ways.

Submission Instructions

  • – Send as a Word attachment

  • – Attach your picture and a short bio of 100 words

  • – Double-check spelling and grammar before submitting

  • – We will edit for length

  • – Please refrain from cursing/crude language

  • – Email us at:

Blog Topics
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Social Justice

explores missions, travel, cultural insight, religious interactions and church/societal interactions around the globe.

Interviews: 500-800 words
Features: 700-1,000 words
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Music & Media

explores interviews, new music artists, cultural interaction with music, entertainment industry, music business, graphic design, branding, social media use, online platform.

Interviews: 500-800 words
Features: 700-1,000 words
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Culture & Events

explores recent events, politics, news, interviews, popular topics/themes, left-wing/right-wing, global events.


Interviews: 500-800 words
Features: 700-1,000 words
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explores entrepreneurship, management, inter-generational struggle, startup lessons, podcasting, speaking, pastoring and nonprofit work.

Interviews: 500-800 words
Features: 700-1,000 words
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Christianity & Religion

explores contextual theology, church topics, ministry opportunities, Christianity in today’s context, doubts/questions, personal testimony/experience.


Interviews: 500-800 words
Features: 700-1,000 words.


For pitches, include a summary describing the article idea, an approximate length and date it could be finished. LOUDSummit takes guest submissions and regular contributions. Once you connect with us via email, we will send you our feedback and a final deadline.


Email us at: