• Social Justice Blog Post about We Belong to Each Other
  Are we willing to love the marginalized?   Last week my younger sister headed back to college. Like thousands of other people our age, there were multiple flights, shuttles, dorm keys and bus schedules to coordinate.   Due to a misplaced dorm card and late check-in schedule, there were a couple of hours where
  Are you sure you want to be a pastor?   Why did you become a pastor?    I found myself a freshman in college, going into my first class as a Graphic Design major, only to fall asleep! I took this as a sign that maybe I wasn’t pursuing the right field God had
  • Tori Mae Hein in denim with a bright wall
    What happens when God puts our dreams on hold and dares us to step out in faith? Would you step out? Would you chose to surrender, trusting that God will bring about His promises in His timing? I’m thrilled to introduce you to a woman who stepped out and saw God answer her
    What is the church? Are we engaging with people or debating the issues? Are we looking at men and women and seeking to show them the love and grace of God? Blake Bennett has created an environment that is life-giving and life-altering – a place where black and white, man and woman, Hindu, Christian and
  • Picture of PaulKrost the hip hop artist
We all have a story – we all have a life that beats for the sake of bringing others hope. PaulKrost lives out a story that encourages, challenges and empowers his audience. It was truly an honor to hear his heart for this generation and listen to his story.   You say in your video