It’s that time again! I’m so excited to share with you my TOP 4 books for Millennial Leaders. These books will equip you to make a difference in your community, country, and society. They’ll also equip you to make a change in yourself.   “Quarter-Life Calling” by Paul Sohn     Get ready
  • Josh Pavano
  Josh Pavano, is the CEO and Founder of Jonas Umbrellas.   He has chosen to open up his eyes and open up his heart to the children in Uganda. He is the CEO & Founder of .   His story is inspiring, encouraging, and downright amazing!    Read through the story of Josh Pavano as
  What was going through your mind when you found out you had cancer?    My mind went into a million places at once, not knowing what to think or even what questions to ask. I had very little knowledge of what happens when one gets a cancer diagnosis. I knew that my cancer was