Loud Summit

In this episode of 30 Days of Hope Podcast, Zen Buddhist Chaplain, Joey Armstrong shares about their experience with the evangelical church, finding peace in Buddhism, and how interfaith conversations can lead us to a place of hope. Their podcast, Earth Makers, creates space for all persons to show up authentically and receive spiritual care.

About Joey Armstrong:

Joey is a Zen Buddhist Chaplain. Comic. Writer. Trans Non-Binary Jedi. Queer. Singer. Fashion enthusiast. Storyteller. Podcaster. alt: @earthmakerspod

Listen to Joey’s Podcast here: https://anchor.fm/joey-armstrong1/episodes/Hes-Not-My-President–Other-Delusions-ep87gp

Follow Joey on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/RevJoBear

Follow Joey’s Podcast Twitter here: https://twitter.com/earthmakerspod

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