Donation letters don’t work anymore. So, what should we do? How do you connect with people and give them opportunities to support your youth ministry?


Anyone who works in their church’s youth ministry knows how hard it can be to raise the funds you need to manage a growing and active group. Unfortunately, time is limited, and people are inundated with donation requests today. These facts make it incredibly important that you use multiple fundraising tactics and that you make the most of every fundraising event.


Here are the top four tips to help you raise funds for your church’s youth ministry:


Silent Auction


Silent auctions are a great way to raise funds for your youth group. Best of all, this type of fundraising event requires very little investment. If a silent auction is not right for your group, you can also host a live auction or even an online auction. Start by asking members of the church and local businesses to donate items to auction off. Click To Tweet Then, set a date and determine which auction format to use.



Text-to-Give Campaigns


There’s a good chance that your church already allows members to tithe via text. You can use this same process to generate funds for your youth group. Your church just needs to designate another text number to ensure collected funds go directly to the youth ministry.


If your church doesn’t have a text-to-give system yet, don’t worry. It’s easy to set one up for your youth group. Be sure to promote your text-to-give campaign through social media, church bulletins, and newsletters. This unique fundraising strategy is an ideal option because many people don’t carry cash anymore.Parents, other church members, and community members can simply send a text to donate Click To Tweet. The increased ease and convenience of donations by text makes this an attractive option in the information age.




Small businesses have been using crowdfunding solutions for years to raise funds for their companies. You can use this same practice to generate funds for your youth ministry. This option works well when you’re trying to raise funds for a specific cause, such as a mission trip or youth camp. The goal is to raise as many donations as possible—even smaller donations like $5 or $10—from multiple donors.


Traditional Fundraisers


You certainly need to use new and innovative fundraising ideas to connect with today’s donors, but traditional fundraisers still have their place. Try hosting a youth car wash, selling cookies or subs, organizing a gift wrapping party or a fair, or holding a spaghetti dinner. While church groups have used these types of fundraisers for years, they can still pull in money for your youth group.


The trick to raising funds for your church's youth group is to use multiple fundraising ideas. Click To TweetThis strategy allows you to attract a wider range of donors. For example, text-to-give campaigns attract younger members, busy parents, and members of the church that may not otherwise think about donating to the youth group. On the other hand, traditional fundraisers and silent auctions can attract older members of the church as well as donors from outside the church.


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