Ministry is never easy.


Anyone who is running a ministry has often experienced the challenges that come with motivating or encouraging the congregation to become more active in the church. From Bible studies to outreaches, there can often be a lack of engagement or participation among church. Especially, from members who only attend on Sundays. If you want to increase active engagement in your ministry, there are a few steps to take.


Invite Specific People to Participate


If people are individually invited to participate in a specific cause or event, then they’re more likely to accept and commit. You’ll need to invite specific people who have certain skills or resources that can make them an integral part of the success of the ministry. Communicate why you think they’d be able to contribute. Then talk about the difference that it would make in the church. Ensure they understand why you need their participation. Give them the freedom to think and pray about it without making them feel pressured or controlled.


Send Out Text Reminders


Due to busy schedules, many people can forget to attend a specific event or meet-up. There can often be a lack of participation at events. This happens because members become distracted by other commitments throughout the week. Make it a point to send out text messages in the weeks or days leading up to the day to keep the event at the forefront of each person’s mind and help them to remember their commitment. With smartphone use increasing, most people prefer to interact with institutions via messaging. The method is more effective rather than making phone calls or sending emails. Click To Tweet


Reward Progress


It’s important to acknowledge the participation and engagement of specific people in your ministry. Especially, those who offer a helping hand. Ensure they feel recognized and valued for their efforts. Celebrate their contributions by discussing it at church and thank them publicly, which will motivate them to remain engaged. You'll also want to affirm it privately and thank them personally. Click To TweetConsider writing them a letter or a thank you note to show that you care and appreciate their input.


Get to Know Your Congregation


If you expect your congregation to give back to your ministry, then you need to take the time to get to know them. Spending time with the members and investing in them can allow you to learn their specific skills and passions. Knowing more about each person in your church will allow you to determine where they’d be a good fit for upcoming ministry events. If they feel like they have a relationship with you, they’ll be more willing to offer a helping hand when there are opportunities available.


Challenge Them to Grow


It can often be difficult for the youth and adults to want to sacrifice their time and energy when it comes to helping with different causes in the church. As their pastor or leader, you’ll need to challenge them to grow instead of softening their participation just to avoid offending anyone. With a loving approach, you can discuss the importance of giving back to God with active involvement in a sermon or message that is preached. The information can also be communicated in an email or newsletter that is sent out to your congregation.

Increasing active engagement is possible without ulterior motives or trying to control the members of your church. With the right approach, you can invite people who are genuine about contributing and truly want to make a difference by offering their time and skills to your ministry. And as your current members become more engaged, they are more likely to invite others to join the flock.


Colleen Batchelder
Colleen Batchelder"> Colleen Batchelder
Colleen Batchelder has always been passionate about putting Feet to her Faith! She loves traveling the globe minstering at various churches, colleges and conferences speaking to audiences ranging in age from 9 – 101. She speaks on inter-generational communication, reaching millennials within the workplace and church and breaking down generational assumptions. When she’s not pouring over books, you can find her enjoying a nice Chai Latte, exploring NYC or traveling to a new and exotic destination.

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