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We exist to engage, empower and equip this generation to change the world and be a light of hope. LOUD Summit is a collaborative expression of every nation and every tongue coming together to worship Christ with their voice and their actions. We exist because the call of Christ is equal to all genders, races, languages, professions, and ages, which is why we present this diverse voice at all of our conferences and workshops.
We are a culture driven by our love for people! We believe that LOVE is a verb and Jesus has called us to love this generation through our actions. We live out our faith through partnering with social justice organizations, serving the homeless, raising money for orphanages and being the hands and feet of Christ to those that are in our community.
We are a culture that believes that all are called to a greater purpose!  We provide opportunities for those in their 20s and 30s to grow in their purpose, learn from high-level leaders and place their dreams into reality. LOUD Workshops offer top-level training and bring millennials and generation z to the next level of leadership.
We are a culture of passion! We’re not fearful of this world, but passionate about giving this world a glimpse of Jesus. We believe that Christians are called to #bethechurch and not just attend service. We believe that God has called us for this time and given us a passion to reach our generation.
We are a culture of prayer! We believe that we serve a God who has called us to be light in this world and be a generation of hope. Therefore, we run towards the skeptic and welcome them with open arms. LOUD Summit is a place that is simply about the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

The dropout problem touches countless students, parents, and faith leaders, but many of these have only a vague grasp of what, exactly, the dropout phenomenon is. The first step in the discovery process is to understand two simple facts: Teenagers are some of the most religiously active Americans. American 20somethings are some of the least religiously active.”

 – David Kinnamen, author of UnChristian & You Lost Me

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FAQs for LOUD Summit
Do you offer discounts for college students or military?
We offer discounts for military and college students for LOUD events. Email us at LOUDSummit@gmail.com for details.
Nearby International Airports
Great question! We LOVE having attendees from around the world and hearing about what God is doing globally!


We will announce locations for LOUD Summits and Workshops throughout the year and provide information about nearby airports and transportation options.
Can I purchase the ticket as a gift for someone?
Absolutely! There’s nothing better than giving someone an amazing experience for a gift. You can purchase the ticket using your information and card number, but you must put the recipient’s name on the registration form.
What it the Refund Policy?
We do not offer a refunds, but we do encourage you to transfer your ticket to a friend if you are unable to attend!
What is the Audience Age for LOUD Summit?
LOUD Summit presents events for 20somethings and 30somethings.
Do you offer internships?
Great question! We are getting ready to launch our FIRST Internship program for Summer 2020. Keep checking back for details and application info.
What are people saying?

Compared with their elders today, young people are much less likely to affiliate with any religious tradition or to identify themselves as part of a Christian denomination. Fully one-in-four adults under age 30 (25%) are unaffiliated, describing their religion as “atheist,” “agnostic” or “nothing in particular.”

– Pew Research

What Can you expect at a LOUD Summit Event?
You can expect it to be LOUD! We believe that our purpose is to be a “City on a Hill” – a place where ALL can find acceptance and community as they live out their purpose. The speakers, musicians, spoken-word poets, emcees, and artists all display the diverse voice of Christ through their topics and personalities. We exist to Live Out Our Destiny in creative and innovative ways.



What Can you expect at a LOUD Workshop?
We present workshops that are highly relevant and inclusive. You’ll be welcomed at all of our events and given the opportunity to understand your purpose, find support and connect with top-level leaders who are making a difference and living out their destiny.