• Josh Pavano
  Josh Pavano, is the CEO and Founder of Jonas Umbrellas.   He has chosen to open up his eyes and open up his heart to the children in Uganda. He is the CEO & Founder of .   His story is inspiring, encouraging, and downright amazing!    Read through the story of Josh Pavano as
  What was going through your mind when you found out you had cancer?    My mind went into a million places at once, not knowing what to think or even what questions to ask. I had very little knowledge of what happens when one gets a cancer diagnosis. I knew that my cancer was
  • Abby
  Millennials are one of the most educated generations. This means that men and women are chasing their dreams, making their dreams come true, and living life along the journey.   As you peer into my friend’s story, I challenge you to lean in and listen – listen to her questions, her doubts, her truth,
  Welcome to Nashville!   Chris Burkmenn might live in Tennesse, but regardless of where you are, I promise you that his story will inspire you to work harder and go further for the sake of your dreams.    I’m so excited to introduce you to a voice from the millennial generation who is striving
  • Tre Foster
  What has been the greatest struggle of college ministry?   Scheduling usually. College students have demanding schedules, and their schedules even differ from one another. Furthermore, their schedules change every semester.   Where I minister, there is a “Student Club Meeting” once a week, which is intended for extra-curricular activities. I somehow consider it
  • Tori Mae Hein in denim with a bright wall
    What happens when God puts our dreams on hold and dares us to step out in faith? Would you step out? Would you chose to surrender, trusting that God will bring about His promises in His timing? I’m thrilled to introduce you to a woman who stepped out and saw God answer her