Embracing a Fragile Faith: You’re Not Alone, I Promise


Embracing a fragile faith is scary, but necessary.


Say this slowly…”God, I need you…”


I’ve learned that it is completely and utterly okay to state the mere fact your faith is fragile, and you are longing for your Heavenly Father to give you life.


It must become a learned behavior to admit you are broken and admit you need to seek more. And it must also be learned to seek understanding from the current season of your life.


If you’re in a season where your faith is so fragile, have you ever considered to ask yourself why? Click To Tweet


Is it work? Family? What is it?


Say this again and finish the statement:


God, I need you because…


Personally, for me, I was lost in my faith recently. I just felt blah. Like I had no purpose, like I never fit in, or belonged. I was in a season.


But I had to determine the root of the reason as to what God wanted me to learn from the season I was in.


Then my friend Selah asked me, why do you always put your job before your relationship with


That is a good question.


How often do we get so caught up in the mundane things of life, and stressful responsibilities, that we begin to prioritize things in our walk that take us a different direction from His plan and will over our lives?


So as I started a fresh week of work, I just began to bring headphones and worship.


See even mundane work, can be an act of worship, and can I be honest, it is a fearful thing falling into the hands of God.


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Hebrews 10:31 “It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God.


There is no doubt that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of God. But why is it a fearful thing? Because I’m the hands of God there is nowhere to hide. In the hands of God you have to face yourself. Click To Tweet You have to face your brokenness and your vulnerability and your weaknesses and say I really need you. It’s in the hands of God that you can no longer be surrounded by the walls of doubt and uncertainty.


Maybe you feel like you are no longer worthy to be called his son or his daughter, maybe you’re just so caught up in mundane work, maybe you have an area of struggle that is pulling you deeper and deeper into the wilderness where you find yourself lost.


It wasn’t until I designated time at work to worship that I realized why I was so lost in this season. God was using these mundane responsibilities and priorities to allow me to enter into a new season where He would be in the center.


Say this again finishing this statement…


God, I need you because… and I’m going to start ….. to learn from the season I am currently in.


In Exodus 3, Moses was in preparation. God used the season he was in, allowing him to cross the entire desert, and as soon as Moses arrived, He saw God.


But why did God allow Moses to cross the entire desert before meeting him?


To prepare him.


See, you learn from the season, and when they are so dry as the desert, you learn what thirst is. You learn to thirst for living water.  


And you are in that season of preparation to grow in FAITH.


Soaking is a process. When your faith is fragile, before you ask for a drink, learn. Click To Tweet


I was filled with life as soon as I learned why I was in such a season of preparation. Moses was filled with life as soon as he crossed the entire desert in preparation.


God is preparing you.


Fall into His hands, give your vulnerability to Him, and learn from the season you are in.






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