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So, you’re planning a mission trip? That’s an amazing opportunity for you and your congregation. Working hard to help others is a road everyone should take. However, these things take money. While it’s always a worthwhile cause, it can be difficult to get together all the monies needed to take the trip. If you’re wondering how to easily pay for your mission trip, look no further!


Traditional Fundraiser


Fundraisers are an example on how to collect enough money for your trip. There are many ideas for potential fundraisers! Click To Tweet For example, yard sales, car washes, and auctions can be an ideal path to follow. Additionally, bake sales are often successful. Everyone loves baked goods! Fundraisers also create a sense of community and togetherness. 


Follow these fundraising tips to have a more successful fundraiser. Always get as many individuals involved as possible; the more people behind your cause, the more likely you are to have money come in. If you’re planning a bake sale or yard sale, try accepting donated items to sell. Your fellow churchgoers would be happy to fuel the fire behind your fundraiser. You should also work hard to spread the word about your fundraiser; you want many people to know it’s happening.




Crowdfunds can also help you to assemble the cash you need for your mission trip. The internet is filled with sites like GoFundMe that allow you to reach people all over the world. You simply create a page for your fund and help to spread the word. Once your movement gains traction, donations are sent from friends and family. For worthy causes, even strangers across the globe are happy to contribute to your goal.


Take Out a Loan


If you find yourself still short of the money you need, you could consider taking a loan. This should be your last resort if other attempts have fallen short. Loans can be a positive option to pursue if used responsibly. However, some loans tend to accrue interest at an alarming rate.
You don’t want to return to your home and find yourself buried in debt. Should you take out a loan, make sure to set some rules for yourself, such as making sure to budget the payments to the loan company. God will always provide what is needed, but you want to ensure your needs are still met. 


There are many ways to fund your mission trip. You can always try putting together a fundraiser, like a bake sale or an auction. You could also consider setting up a cause on a crowdfunding platform to accept donations from others. If all else fails, loans should be a last choice and always used responsibly. Whatever you choose, just know that compassion can change the world! You have tons of people who are backing you, praying for you, and working to help you reach your goals!


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