3 Ways to Survive your First Job Interview


Job Interviews are intimidating. Within an hour you will share your career and education history to a total stranger with the hopes of them liking you and in exchanging giving you thousands of dollars a year. Ok, maybe it’s not that frightening to some, but the reality is in our culture today getting a job is more competitive than ever before.


Here are 3 Ways to Survive your first Job Interview!


1. Show up early


Sure the 15-minute early rule is still important, but what I mean is to show up even earlier than that! Why? Your chances of getting the job becomes a lot slimmer if you show up late. I would rather show up a half an hour earlier, and sit in the parking lot, then be late because I ran into unexpected traffic.


Maybe you get a coffee stain on your shirt before you walk out the door, or you get halfway there only to forget the paperwork your prospective employer asked you to bring. Build in time for things that might come up. Click To Tweet If you show up early, spend time enjoying the parking lot, or looking around the area to see what things are like.


If you’re unfamiliar to the neighborhood, bringing up the coffee shop down the block during your interview could express a better familiarity, not only with the company but with the surrounding area.


2. Dress above


Some people may disagree, but a good rule of thumb is to dress a “level” above what your working dress is.


For example, if the suggested attire at the company is business casual, it might not hurt to throw on a tie with that suit.


Showing that you are dressed a little nicer then the rest helps you stand out amongst other applicants. On the other hand, don’t jump too ahead.


Wearing a tuxedo to interview at a surf shop probably won’t help you, but it will be a good joke around the break room for the applicants who got hired.


3. Use Stories


When an interviewer asks the typical questions such as “name a time in your life where you had to manage conflict” don’t give them a one-sentence answer. Instead, with respect to time, give them a short summary of a situation.


If the situation was while working in a field different than what you are applying for, look for areas of compatibility and attempt to relate that situation to your new job.


Be certain to keep eye contact with the interviewer and know how long you’ve been talking, to be sure they can get through all of their questions.


Although these three things are the start of a list of many things you could do to survive a job interview, I would encourage you to do whatever you can to be comfortable.


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Most interviewers aren’t out to see you fail. They have already seen your resume, and if they did not like you they wouldn’t have called you in for an interview. On the other hand, if you find an interviewer that isn’t particularly friendly, and makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe you need to reconsider if you want to work at the company in the first place.


Good luck out there!


What was your favorite tip? Comment below and let us know.


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