Jessica Minhas

Jessica Minhas is a human rights advocate, author, social entrepreneur, and media commentator who makes complex human rights issues relevant, understandable and actionable for audiences of all ages.


For the past 12 years Jessica has worked in media, carefully producing inspiring media content on complex human rights issues; and the survivor advocacy space, crafting economic empowerment programs and investigations on behalf of sex trafficking victims.

This pursuit is borne from passion– everything she does is colored by a commitment to shed light on issues normally silenced in shame, and offer hope to those without it. She challenges audiences to think globally, empowers them to find their purpose, and cultivate their unique voices for the common good.


In addition to her humanitarian work, Jessica is the Founder and CEO of I’ll Go First, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to leveraging media and technology in order to provide remote psychosocial care to marginalized trauma populations throughout the developing world, and is working on her first book- an investigative memoir entitled, “I’ll Go First”- following her personal journey of searching for her biological family and finding her life’s calling.


Jessica graduated from the University of Central Florida, and has completed graduate studies work in Journalism at NYU, and in Global Mental Health Trauma and Refugee Recovery with Harvard Medical School. She has been honored as a Rising Leader by the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards, is a recipient of a Noble Award on behalf of The Blind Project, and is currently a Hive Global Leadera New York New Abolitionista Global Shaper on behalf of the World Economic Forum and a United Nations Global Accelerator.

J. Caleb Perkins is an influential leader, community organizer, public speaker and author of Remedy Network. He is an audacious millennial who carries a timely message of change through the art of storytelling.


J. Caleb’s community-centered focus has allowed him to rally millennials from diverse backgrounds centered around systemic change. He has championed the support and influence of prominent political leaders, activists, entertainment icons and successful business leaders on investing into the next generation.


Widely recognized for his charisma and people skills, he is known to  “strike up a conversation with anyone.” Caleb is using the avenue of media as a champion for social justice, healing, influence, and direction for the next generation in New York City and around the globe.


J. Caleb Perkins began Remedy Network Inc. after hearing the devastating news of Kalief Browder’s suicide that occurred in the summer of 2015. Caleb left his corporate job at 23 years old and moved to New York City to begin Remedy. His vision was to craft an organization that would provide millennials with curated mentorship, equip them for personal and professional development, and decrease the amount of mental health related issues in New York City.


J. Caleb Perkins provides speaking and consulting services to students, parents, faith-based organizations, K-12 schools, postsecondary institutions, and corporations

J. Caleb Perkins
Kevin Saunders


Kevin is committed to inspiring high school students, college students, and young professionals as a dynamic speaker, facilitator, and performance artist. He has created his own company, KS4Inspiration, which is dedicated to this cause.


Whether by performing his original slam poetry, sharing personal stories of life lessons learned, or creating thought-provoking social media content, Kevin values every opportunity to share his art and experiences with others. So, if you’re looking for a dynamic and engaging individual to inspire your audience, look no further than Kevin Saunders.

Sara currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and fellow believer Corey. She is currently working in the family business and has a background in Public Relations, Social Media and Marketing from my alumni Fairleigh Dickinson University.


She has a passion for writing stories, recipes, and most things that are creative. For seven years she created, founded and worked on a blog, Small Chick Big Deals where She’s grown and acquired a lot of skills while working with PR, writing her own pitches and stories, managing writers, social media platforms and more. Through the process and going into recovery, she acquired the wisdom to know that it’s time to move on to more things in her journey.


A few of her strengths include Social Media Marketing, Event Planning and Story Telling. She’s am a forward thinker, am slow to act and have honed in great listening skills. She takes on most projects with a plan and is open-minded. She is passionate about networking and encouraging others, especially if it means working as a community to making the world a better place. Which she’s learned is through service work, simple or complex.


She loves helping others maintain a healthy mindset, encouraging them to be their best selves and practice self-care. Throughout the past two years, she’s gained a passion for working with individuals in recovery and plans to see that grow.


She has the 46 CE CCAR Recovery Coach certification where she is looking to intern and eventually work full time in recovery coaching for people dealing with mental health and addiction and help them overcome through tools she has learned and advocated on their behalf.


Also a Masters maybe an option in the future but time and prayer will tell.

Sara O'Neill