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Regardless of your New Year resolutions, your actions are always tied to relationships. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. The people that you connect with on a daily basis are the ones who determine the direction of your life.


Surround yourself with Good “Company”


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Now I’m not advising you to throw everyone out in the cold and proclaim that they’re limiting your leadership – That would just be plain rude. I am suggesting that you categorize your relationships. Who should be in your inner cirlce? Who can you grow with as you both reach towards your goals? Who can you mentor or counsel along the way?


You see, categorizing relationships simply means that you take a step back and then figure out how best to serve the people in your life.


Take Time to Reflect Before you Take Action


New Year Resolutions challenge us to look out upon creation and realize that we can impact those around us with kindness, love, forgiveness and grace. However, our vision can become clouded when we don’t take a time out and appreciate where we are in the present.


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Look before you Leap


Living Out Your Desitny is HARD WORK! It’s exhilerating to walk out your purpose, but it’s also exhausting. Be prepared to read countless books, watch tons of how-to videos and sign endless documents. Building an inspiring company looks less like Instagram and more like isolation. However, life is not a deviation from your goal, but purposeful steps that sharpen your character and encourage empathy. 


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I love what I do! There’s nothing better than connecting with young adults from all around the world and hearing their stories; however, their stories compel me to provide a platform – a platform to give a voice to my generation.


Would love to hear your thoughts! What are some of your New Year Resolutions?





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