Seekers often come to church with the expectation that they’ll find their spiritual home. Nevertheless, they need reassurance. Unfortunately, Christians who have been raised in the faith since childhood often assume that everyone knows everything there is to know about their religion. Taking a step back and looking at it with fresh eyes from the perspective of a seeker can really change that attitude.


You Have Your Own Language


It can be difficult to speak to a seeker because of the language that is commonly used. Share Faith warns people to be careful of Christian jargon when you’re talking to someone who is a visitor to your church. Even simple terms like “born again” and “saved” are not common terms that people outside of Christianity routinely use. They may be completely unfamiliar with them. Click To TweetBy using more common words to say what you mean, you’ll be less likely to alienate a newcomer. Just as you want your doctor to use terms that you understand, seekers feel the same way when they have a conversation with you.


We Don’t Know if There’s a Dress Code


As E&O Apparel explains, styles of dress among modern Christian women have evolved, but modest dresses are still the norm in many traditional settings throughout the country. However, many churches embrace a more casual atmosphere and include a more hipster feel within their service. For instance, you will rarely find a three-piece suit or a long skirt at Hillsong or Vous Church


When you invite someone to join you at church, you should give them some idea of what to expect, and this may include a suggestion regarding what they should wear. That way, they’ll at least feel as if they fit in with the rest of the parishioners.


Just as you want your doctor to use terms that you understand, seekers feel the same way when they have a conversation with you.


We Need a Friend


Seekers may have felt a calling to attend a church service, but it’s your job to create community. This means that you have to escape your comfort. LiveAbout says that by making friends at church, they’re more likely to attend on a regular basis. You may see them visiting at the same time every week. Invite them to volunteer with you or to attend a particular social event that is scheduled. It can give them the confidence and connections to pursue a true relationship with Christ.


Too many seekers decide that church isn’t for them because they don’t feel welcomed. Click To Tweet Even if you’re standing at the entrance of the church to greet them, it isn’t enough. Pay close attention to what you say and do so that they feel truly comfortable with the idea of Christianity.


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