Dr. Drew Moser / Board Member
Drew Moser is a writer, speaker, and consultant on millennials and vocation. He has spent his career helping twentysomethings thrive. 


Drew is currently a college professor and dean at Taylor University. He teaches courses on vocation (calling) and personal development and has worked with tens of thousands of twentysomethings as they explore their purpose.


He’s poured this knowledge and experience into Ready or Not: Leaning into Life in our Twenties. . . the only book is written for twentysomethings to explore the good life through an interactive, dynamic process. Upon its release, it became #1 New Release in Christian Discipleship on Amazon.


Drew is married to Bekah, his wife of 16 years. Together they have 5 children (yes…5! 3 sons and 2 daughters). They live the good life in Upland, IN.