My lament:   Waiting. No one likes waiting. Maybe least of all me. I’ve waited for my entire life to see your Church reflect your heart to see men and women lead your people. Equally. With skillful hands and integrity of heart .  I’ve waited for your Church to wake up and get it
  “Good Christian women leaders/people ought to stay in their place.”   “Disruption always does more harm than good.”   “Legacy is for the rich.”    Lies, lies and more lies.   If like me, you’d bought into that narrative, you’ve been misled.   For the past few years, I’ve been captivated by the stories of two men:
  The aroma of organic coffee beans, fresh hair gel, and musky cologne waft through the air and beckon me to step into the modern amphitheater.   The lights grow dim and the crowds push forward, yet the volunteers stand their ground like sentinels at their post – no one blinks and no one moves.
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  Millennials are one of the most educated generations. This means that men and women are chasing their dreams, making their dreams come true, and living life along the journey.   As you peer into my friend’s story, I challenge you to lean in and listen – listen to her questions, her doubts, her truth,
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  Are we willing to love the marginalized?   Last week my younger sister headed back to college. Like thousands of other people our age, there were multiple flights, shuttles, dorm keys and bus schedules to coordinate.   Due to a misplaced dorm card and late check-in schedule, there were a couple of hours where