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What happens when God puts our dreams on hold and dares us to step out in faith? Would you step out? Would you chose to surrender, trusting that God will bring about His promises in His timing? I’m thrilled to introduce you to a woman who stepped out and saw God answer her prayer and desires in amazing ways! Please check out this week’s interview with Tori Mae Hein – Fitness Expert, Amazing Mom and Awesome World-Changer! Sit back and enjoy reading a story of trust, faith and waiting with purpose. Pull up a chair, sip some Chai Latte and enjoy learning about an AWESOME Millennial who is seeking to make a difference!


What compelled you into fitness and healthy living? 


I have always enjoyed working out and one day I thought, why don’t I transform my hobbies into jobs?! So I did! I made some phone calls, got some qualifications under my belt and went for it! I LOVE watching people transform and push themselves to their limit. The fitness world is full of so much enthusiasm, encouragement, and camaraderie – I love it!


My Arbonne business was similar, I saw the business as an opportunity to insure others towards a healthy lifestyle and a way to coach others on how to build their own successful businesses. What I do reaches way far beyond the base level of the products, it’s a vehicle to make bigger dreams and ambitions come true! I’m thankful to have a job that has an abundance of financial potential while I help others along the way and inspire people to be the best versions of themselves possible! God gave us our bodies and the hours of each day as gifts we need to be careful we treat them as such.


What advice would you give someone trying to get in shape?


Tell others what you’re doing, make a plan, and keep yourself accountable to others. When there is outside influence you’ll have greater success! Write out your goals and the reasons why you’ve made them. You want to lose weight? Why? It can’t just be to look good – search for a deeper more long-lasting reason why you’re doing what you’re doing. That way, when the temptations come, you have an arsenal to choose from as a defense against caving back into your old way of living.


What is it like being a mom and a millennial? Do you parent differently?


Being a young momma is a hard gig, but I love it.


Having a baby immediately requires that you have all the fruit of the spirit….love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control are SO necessary in raising a child well. As long as the Lord is the one leading you as your parent, I don’t think you can really do it wrong. Every child is different and so are every set of parents! I thought having a baby would put an end to my dreams…but I’ve learned that’s only the case if I let it be. Micaiah has loved journeying through life with us and I believe that, as we live our lives, we can set an example to our son on how to serve God and obey him together as a family. That’s really important to me.


What is your greatest hope for your son?


I named my son Micaiah after taking a 1 and 2nd Kings class in college. In 1 Kings 14, there is a story of a prophet names Micaiah who stands before the King in the midst of 200 false prophets and says, “Whatever the Lord says is what I will speak.” The moment I read those verses I said, I’m naming my son Micaiah. In that chapter, the prophet Micaiah suffered for speaking truthfully and is thrown into prison, but before he exits the scene to His captivity, he makes one last proclamation – “Take heed to the word of God!” That’s my greatest hope for my son, that he would know truth and speak it loud for all to hear despite what it will cost him.


Who had the greatest influence in your life? Why?


I don’t know if I can pin point just one person who had the most influence in my life because there are so many who have played such crucial roles. My mother, of course, is one of the greatest influencers. She’s a hard worker, she sticks to her guns, taught us to work hard, love people well and always put Christ first.


Aside from my parents, there is one other person who stands out as an important influence. I went to a Christian High School and my Bible teacher was an influence in my life that, I believe, greatly influenced the direction of my life. He spoke to me like an adult. He asked us hard questions concerning God and our faith that sparked in me a desire and love for God’s Word that youth group had never done. My church rooted through 8 youth pastors from the time I was in 8th grade until graduation. So, his consistency meant a lot to me in that time of my life.  He dared to dive beneath the surface Christian doctrine to cause us to think. Because of his example and challenge, I decided to spend the first two years out of High school studying God’s word before I embarked on any other pursuit in order to lay a strong foundation in which I could build my life upon. I’m thankful I did.


But, my husband, Matt, above every other human on this planet, holds the greatest influence over my life. Even while we were friends, before a spark of love was ever lit, he spoke truth over my life that changed me forever. He cared for me, encouraged me to dream big and believe God’s best. He’s gracious and patient – attributes I don’t naturally possess, so I admire Him and how he serves the Lord and uses His life as an offering of Praise to Him.


What’s your story? What was your life like before knowing Christ? 


I grew up in a home of believers. So, Christ was always a part of my life. However, although He was always a part of my life, He was not always in charge of it. So, prior to fully surrendering to God, I’d say my life was pretty hypocritical. Outwardly I preached grace and acceptance in Christ, but I struggled with codependency like most adolescents. I primarily concerned myself with the opinions of others, and being a perfectionist, believed that if I looked good enough, worked hard enough, and pleased the people around me, I would be worthy of love and belonging. Doesn’t really sound like a “grace led life” huh?  I was infatuated with boys and strongly desired to earn a sense of love and belonging from them. I was willing to compromise values, and change my behavior to gain attention – whether or not it was the attention I truly desired.


What would you say has been the hardest moment in your life?


It’s a long story, but the hardest moments of my life were summarized in this verse: Matthew 16:25 – “Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” My life is nothing like I had hoped or thought it would be. When I decided to let go and allow God to move in whatever way He desired, it required great sacrifices on my part. My dreams were shelved, my husband left to travel the country without me, and I was called to be a stay at home mom (not my plan) working 5 part time jobs to watch God move in amazing ways through the lives of OTHER people. It wasn’t fun. Then God took it a step further and asked us to sell everything we had and move away from the security of our friends and family and trust that whatever He has prepared for us on the other side will be worth it. I’m excited to “find my life” because thus far, it’s only been a process of losing it and that process of dying to yourself is so painful and humiliating sometimes you feel like God couldn’t ever ask more of you…and then He asks for more. But, through it all, He’s worked in me greater dependence on God than I’ve ever had before, because my life is lost for His sake. He’s all I got, so my investment has to be wholehearted and lived out with a confidence in His promises and capabilities.


Have you ever felt frustrated with the church? Why?


I’ve never met a Christian who doesn’t have something negative to say about the Church. I’ll be the first to say the Church isn’t perfect, but Jesus is. So, whenever I start blaming the Church for various issues in the congregation or in my own personal life, I re-direct my attention back to Jesus. Because, no matter how right on a Pastor’s message can be, no matter how perfectly effortless the worship leader ushers in the spirit of God, and no matter how consistent we are in discipling, teaching, and counseling believers and unbelievers with truth of God’s word – all of it is simply our feeble attempt of reflecting Christ Himself and the work He’s already finished. So, when we begin to fail, when we feel dissatisfied or frustrated, it should be a cue to let it go and learn to love Jesus better. We can’t really do anything well if that isn’t the first and only focus of our lives – both as individuals and as congregations working to spread good news to lost and broken people who need hope.


Being married to a traveling musician is a lonely and thankless calling, but I’m thankful my husband has a national platform to share the love of Christ with the multitudes through his giftings. My turn will come someday when God will call ME out and fulfill the dreams and desires of my heart. But, I’ll wait on His timing and let him do all the heart surgery he wants so that when I am called, I can hit the ground running my leg of the race full force!


What is it like being a Christian in Nevada? Is it difficult with Las Vegas culture? 


I live 8 hours away from Las Vegas, but, even so, Nevada is a very dark place. Prostitution is legal, gambling is legal, and in Douglas County, where I currently life, we have the highest teen pregnancy rate and suicide rate in the nation. We live in a place that desperately needs Jesus and I’m thankful that I am a part of a congregation who truly is a light in the darkness.


What are some ways that millennials can make a difference? Where should they start when it comes to starting up a business/organization?


Millennials have so much energy and spunk – which sets us up to be HUGE game changers in the word around us. We’re passionate. We’re vocal. We’re charismatic, influential, and creative! Basically, we’re awesome and we know it.


But, that’s just the issue isn’t it? I think our greatest fault is that we are obsessed with ourselves. We’re that “selfie nation” who would rather spend hours on social media than get out of our comfort zones to do something awesome – not for ourselves- but for God and others. What if we lived like we were loved by God? What kind of confidence would that give us? It would definitely relieve the power of the opinions of others and remove the pressure of outdoing yourself and your previous accomplishments in order to allow you the freedom to live the life God’s called you to.


So, when starting a business, my advice would be to write out your “why.” Is that a “why” you’d be willing to give your life to? If it isn’t, go on a journey of self-discovery and ask God to reveal to you the desires of your heart. Pray, talk with people, volunteer, get plugged in, start acting now – even if it’s not your “thing” and even if you won’t make a dime doing it. We won’t do anything well if we aren’t passionate about it. We can’t make a difference in the world if we’re half-hearted about it. But, most of all, we’ll get burned out quick if our work is done to gain an identity rather than allowing our work to overflow from a secured identity in Christ first.


If you could have a chai latte with one person living or dead, who would you pick?


Hard to pick just one… right now I’ve been really inspired by Brene Brown and her work on vulnerability and wholehearted living. I would love to sit with her and pick her brain for an hour or two.


How do you want to be remembered?


If I’m ever known for anything, I would want it to be that I was a light. Click To Tweet A light illuminating, not my skills, my wisdom, or inspiration, but God’s mercy and grace. Everything else I do will die with me, but what’s done for God’s glory fills our lives with the greatest purpose, because it’s an investment that lives on eternally.


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Colleen Batchelder has always been passionate about putting Feet to her Faith! She loves traveling the globe minstering at various churches, colleges and conferences speaking to audiences ranging in age from 9 – 101. She speaks on inter-generational communication, reaching millennials within the workplace and church and breaking down generational assumptions.

When she’s not pouring over books, you can find her enjoying a nice Chai Latte, exploring NYC or traveling to a new and exotic destination.
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Colleen Batchelder"> Colleen Batchelder
Colleen Batchelder has always been passionate about putting Feet to her Faith! She loves traveling the globe minstering at various churches, colleges and conferences speaking to audiences ranging in age from 9 – 101. She speaks on inter-generational communication, reaching millennials within the workplace and church and breaking down generational assumptions. When she’s not pouring over books, you can find her enjoying a nice Chai Latte, exploring NYC or traveling to a new and exotic destination.


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    I am so blessed to have Tori as our Daughter in Love❤ I have watched her mature in so many ways that have encouraged and brought Gods love to many❤

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      We are blessed to have Tori on the team and as an incredible friend! She is an awesome woman of God!!! 🙂

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